Baking Easy with Us
Story of What's Baking
“What’s Baking?” simply represents our baking ingredients shop that provides you the wonderful varieties (WV) to cater to your baking needs.

We aim to be your one-stop shop because we believe in convenience, varieties, good service and all-in-1 encompassing quality ingredients that make baking hassle-free like never before. If you need your ingredients quick and fast, you can always rely on us to be your friendly WV neighbours.

Give us a tinkle or drop us an e-mail. Better still, navigate through our web site to purchase online to bake your favourite cakes, cookies, muffins, pastries, wholesome bread and what else? Two words best describe What’s Baking? We are WV.
Baking Workshop
From beginners to professionals, students to housewives, or you’re are interested to learn a new skill, look out for our specially designed and crafted baking workshops.

You will get to learn directly from experience and passionate chefs, in a small, focus and conducive environment.